April 30, 2011

My Motorcycle Oops

Well, I had planned to do this for a while, but today, I finally got around to cleaning my air filter on my bike. I had not done this since I bought the bike, and figured it was about time. I had all the cleaners and oils ready to go for a while, and have read the instructions here a few times. So off I went to take the bike apart.

Old bikes, gotta love them. You have to remove your gas tank just to get to the air filter... and to most everything else for that matter...

Anyways, the filter was definitely dirty, but everything went pretty smooth. I put the bike back together, and figure I'd go for a short test ride and get some gas.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it back home in one piece. Well, I did, but the bike didn't. There's been some construction near the off ramp to my home, and there was some gravel in the middle of the turn. I let go of the brake and straighten up as much as I could, but since I was already engaged into the turn, going straight would mean a head-on collision with the giant exit sign.

Anyways, the bike went down, and me along with it. My gear did it's job and protected me for the most part. However, since I was wearing jeans, and not proper riding pants, guess where I got hurt? Yup, my knees. The padding on the palm of my gloves were shredded. If I didn't have gloves, that would have been my hand. The shoulder armour took a good impact and slide. Aside from my knee being cut open a little, all I had was a bit of bruising on the side of my waist. I'm a believer! Wear gear when you ride!!

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