May 10, 2011

My Bike is a Total Loss

Just got the call from insurance today. They decided to write the bike off. :(

In reality, all they needed to do is to bend the rear brake lever back, replace the bent right clip-on, bar end, and get a new front fairing so we can remount the turn signals, and the bike would be perfectly safe and street-able. Yes, I know the brake lever was scratched up. Yes I know the rear right fairing and mufflers are scratched. And there are probably many more things we need to do for the bike to be "perfect" again. However, the bike wasn't perfect to begin with. In fact, that's part of the reason why I bought it; it's my first bike.

So it's the start of the season and I don't have a bike anymore. That's the sad part. However, I can also look at the good. I was thinking about selling my bike this season or the next anyways to get something different, and my declared value is about right for what I'd hope to sell it for anyways. So it's like I didn't have to look for a buyer. Plus now when I have some free time, I can spend it more with my kid.

Well, so long my Ninja. You've been a great first bike, and I'll always remember you.

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