September 24, 2008

Black Rims

I saw this post on Revscene, a large local import enthusiast site in Vancouver. I was laughing so hard that I had to share. But since only registered members can view the threads, I'll repost it here. Members of can see the original thread here.

Title: Black Rims
mooki7777777> how much are black 17'' rims

Alphamale> They cost a lot of money.


orange7> need better descriptions..

woozzle> black rims are no more than $10 black spray paint cans from wal mart

minix3> Take the hubcaps off and it will be black.

xfactor78> wow this kid must be like 10

dodingman> just wait for santa

"DA"token Black> I'll sell you black rims for $400 16"x7"/4x100. PM me if your interested.

sirensong> How much would a 4 door car cost? *ROFL*

!SG> *palm forehead*
black rims generally dont cost any more than regular finish rims, its only special finishes like black chrome, "brilliant" finishes, pin stripping, color matching, chroming, which cost more.

10adrien10> i got 17" black menzari's put on my lancer i got a good deal, over a G for the average person

Catspider1> Hmm good black paint might cost you 20$, then again might want to clearcoat, another 10$, and lets not forget stickers, they are extra, i think.

jurson> i just had a wtf moment there...



tiff08> hahahaha anyting in paticylar you are lookin for?

BabyblooLexus> L M A O Hillarious Posts!!!!!!!!!!!

September 01, 2008

Civic SiR Rims on the Fit

I mentioned in my last post that the tire with the plug wasn't holding pressure anymore. We tried to replug it, but it was a lost cause. I put on my spare, and researched my immediate options since I have to drive on the highway for part of my work commute.

My mechanic had given me a price on a set of 17" Motegi SP10s (nice look and 16.5lbs ea.) with tires for a decent enough price, but it was still a good chunk of change that I wasn't sure I was ready to spend on the car. A local member was actually selling his set of stock 175/65/14 Dunlop SP31 tires, but I only really needed one, and didn't need three extras.

I had also posted a WTB (want-to-buy) ad at a local import enthusiast site for 4x100 OEM rims with tires, and had a couple of replies within two days. One of which was a set of EM1 Civic SiR (Si in the US) polished 7-spoke wheels with tires. I had seen some photos of these wheels on a Fit, and thought they actually went well with the car. So I decided to pick them up yesterday.

They're not mint, but that's ok. This is a daily driver, not a show car. Plus I don't have to worry as much about curbing them. The important part is, they've got tires on them that'll last me a little while, and I can get off the 80km/h max temporary spare. I paid less than 1/2 of what the 17" Motegi's with tires will cost, plus it will keep my car more low key.

The only thing is, with the polished rims in place, the fender gap is a lot more noticeable. This wasn't an issue when they were just gaping black holes with the steelies. I might have to start looking into lowering springs.

... and so it begins... again...