May 29, 2007

Resetting The Oil Life Reminder

As I mentioned in my first maintenance post, the dealer had forgot to reset the oil life reminder in the dash. So I finally remembered when I got in the car today and reset the reminder myself. The procedure is actually in your owners manual, but here's the quick and dirty of what you need to do:

  • Press the trip meter select/reset pin until you the oil life reminder is displayed

  • Press and hold the select/reset pin down for approximately 10 seconds until the oil life reminder is blinking

  • Press and hold the select/reset pin down for another 5 seconds or so until the oil life reminder is reset to 100%

And that's it. It's that easy. This will be good news for people who change their own oil, or does not wait until the reminder tells them to before changing the oil and filter.

May 26, 2007

Animated Fit GIFs

I found a fun site called GifNinja where it will convert a 4 second WMV video file into a animated GIF right there on the website. So I decided to make a few quick animated GIFs for the Fit from the Honda quicky ads I had posted earlier.

I also made one from an edit of the Ferocious Dominator ad where the Fit swallows an SUV. GifNinja can also make animated GIFs from your pictures. Have fun.

May 25, 2007

First Maintenance Appointment (5487km)

I have finally reached 5000km on my Fit, after nearly 7 months of ownership. I called to setup a service appointment with my dealer via my salesperson because he had a parking light bulb he had ordered previously for me, and I wanted to replace the burnt out one the same time I did my first service to make things easier for me. He was able to fit me in the next afternoon.

Aside from the first oil change, which was free at my dealership, I also had them perform the SRS (airbag) software update as I had received the recall letter in the mail. And besides replacing the burnt out driver side parking light in the front (apparently a $10 bulb, but covered under warranty for the first year), I had them check for a rattle I've been experiencing under the car. Unfortunately, the service techs could not hear the rattle on their test drive. They did however tighten up my exhaust heat shield as another tech who owns a Fit had experienced a rattle from that area. Unfortunately, that wasn't the source of my rattle, as I can still hear it coming from underneath the car. I'm guessing a loose skid plate under the gas tank possibly.

One thing was that the dealer forgot to reset the service reminder in the dash. But the owners manual does tell you how to reset it yourself. Now I've just got to remember to do it next time I get in the car. Not that it really matters though, I plan to be changing my oil around every 5000km anyway.

May 18, 2007

Lucky Limo Downtown

I went into downtown yesterday and parked on the street. I fed my meter and went into the building across the street. When I came out, I saw this limo parked behind me. I thought it was pretty funny, so I snapped a picture with my phone.

Look how small the fit is compared to the limo. And boy did the limo driver luck out. Normally he would have had to feed two meters to park on the street I'm sure. Funny thing is, we both still got a bit of space left over in front and behind our cars. I left my car there while I had lunch nearby, and when I came back, the limo was still there. I guess the next car to park in my spot would have to be another small car.

May 16, 2007

Cargo Cover Installed

The lack of a standard cargo cover on the Honda Fit was something that annoyed me from the beginning, as I believe this should be a standard item on any hatchbacks. Now thanks to fellow Fitfreak member George02, I was able to pick up his cargo cover for my Fit without paying the ridiculous price ($236.16CAD) the dealers wanted for the piece. I've now got it installed in my car, and I already feel much better about having to leave items in the car while parked, even if it's just my jacket.

I'm using a stock photo of the hatch cover for now since I let my relatives borrow the digital cam on their trip to the Canadian Rockies. Really though, it just looks like that. So I might not bother updating the photo with my own. This is definitely a worth while item to buy. To avoid dealer prices, I recommend looking for a used one, or even a replica one. They will look and function almost exactly the same as OEM. Look on ebay, or at Zeta Products.