May 16, 2007

Cargo Cover Installed

The lack of a standard cargo cover on the Honda Fit was something that annoyed me from the beginning, as I believe this should be a standard item on any hatchbacks. Now thanks to fellow Fitfreak member George02, I was able to pick up his cargo cover for my Fit without paying the ridiculous price ($236.16CAD) the dealers wanted for the piece. I've now got it installed in my car, and I already feel much better about having to leave items in the car while parked, even if it's just my jacket.

I'm using a stock photo of the hatch cover for now since I let my relatives borrow the digital cam on their trip to the Canadian Rockies. Really though, it just looks like that. So I might not bother updating the photo with my own. This is definitely a worth while item to buy. To avoid dealer prices, I recommend looking for a used one, or even a replica one. They will look and function almost exactly the same as OEM. Look on ebay, or at Zeta Products.


Anonymous said...

Help! I need one on these covers. How do I know what to look for on e-bay?

Anonymous said...

I too would like to get a cover. From the sounds of the original post here you can buy a knock off that fits the fits truck well. Where can you buy this knock-off?
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