March 24, 2008

3rd Oil and Filter Change (16747km)

Noticed that my self-set service service interval was up (5000km), so I called my mechanic and had my oil and oil filter changed today. just the usual, Genuine Honda filter with the recommended 5W20 weight oil. Because the Fit engine uses a timing chain instead of a belt, fresh oil is important to prevent build-up on the guides, sprockets, and lessen wear on the chain itself. Keep it clean and the chain should last the life of the engine.

I actually remembered to reset the service reminder this time. It said I was at 40% oil life, same as last time.

March 23, 2008

Fitfreak Vancouver Spring Meet

We had just finished with a client's home on Good Friday, so I had a bit of free time. I log on Easter Saturday onto, and notice that there is a meet today. The sun was still shining, and even though there was a chance of shower later in the afternoon, I took my car through a carwash before I headed down to join the group.

I knew I had missed the first meeting spot downtown, and was heading down 4th Avenue in Vancouver to see if I can catch them at the 2nd one. Seeing no Fits in the Safeway parking lot, I continued on towards my old stomping ground by Spanish Banks, as that was the planned route heading into the next spot, the UBC rose garden parkade.

As I drove along the beach, I noticed a group of little hatchbacks parking their cars in the next parking lot. I pull in and sure enough, it was the FitFreak group lining their cars together for a little pit stop by the beach. As I got out of the car, I recognized a few faces from the last meeting, and began to admire the latest additions to their Fits.

4 of the 5 (I was told) turbo'd Fits in the Vancouver area showed up, but everyone kept it calm during the cruise. We eventually ended up in the parkade of Oakridge mall, where we took more photos and exchanged information on parts, and just general chit-chat. It was a fun evening. Thanks Smatt for organizing this one.

Photos by Smatt. More photos here.