May 25, 2007

First Maintenance Appointment (5487km)

I have finally reached 5000km on my Fit, after nearly 7 months of ownership. I called to setup a service appointment with my dealer via my salesperson because he had a parking light bulb he had ordered previously for me, and I wanted to replace the burnt out one the same time I did my first service to make things easier for me. He was able to fit me in the next afternoon.

Aside from the first oil change, which was free at my dealership, I also had them perform the SRS (airbag) software update as I had received the recall letter in the mail. And besides replacing the burnt out driver side parking light in the front (apparently a $10 bulb, but covered under warranty for the first year), I had them check for a rattle I've been experiencing under the car. Unfortunately, the service techs could not hear the rattle on their test drive. They did however tighten up my exhaust heat shield as another tech who owns a Fit had experienced a rattle from that area. Unfortunately, that wasn't the source of my rattle, as I can still hear it coming from underneath the car. I'm guessing a loose skid plate under the gas tank possibly.

One thing was that the dealer forgot to reset the service reminder in the dash. But the owners manual does tell you how to reset it yourself. Now I've just got to remember to do it next time I get in the car. Not that it really matters though, I plan to be changing my oil around every 5000km anyway.

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