April 25, 2011

Oil Change for the Sienna (56,397km)

This will be the first oil change on the Sienna since I've owned it. The oil looked clean enough when I picked it up at just over 50,000km. So I left it in and was expecting to change it at the same 5000km interval as my Fit. But the oil change was delayed a bit since I wanted to do it at the same time as when I had to change back to my summer tires since I don't have a separate wheel for the van's snow tires.

Well, that was delayed too since it's already almost end of April, and I live on the Lower Mainland, where we have not seen snow or sub zero temperature in a while. When I finally changed my Fit wheels over last Thursday, I also picked up the Sienna's summer tires from storage and made an appointment to get my tires re and re, and do the oil change for the van.

So the summer tires went on, and the oil got changed. I also asked them to check the rear pad while the wheel was off since I've been hearing light metal grinding from the rear. Sure enough, the rear pads needed replacing. So the whole service cost me a bit more than I had anticipated. But hey, it's the babymobile. If it needs it, it will get done.

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