June 21, 2008

RDX Cargo Light With Switch

This is something that can come in handy. Maybe you're parked having a picnic and want some music from your car, or maybe you're just carrying a long cargo (yes, even too long for the Fit) and need the hatch to remain at least partially open for the drive. The ability to switch off the cargo area light would come in quite handy.

Well, guess what, thanks to local Vancouverite and fellow FitFreak.net member Mugen_Dom, we now know that the cargo light from the new Acura RDX, as well as the 2007+ MDX, is a direct plug-and-play replacement for the Fit.

This cargo light comes with a built-in switch that enable you to turn off the cargo area light completely. The light pictured on the top is the Fit cargo light, and bottom is the RDX light with the switch.

Installation is very straight forward. Use a flathead screwdriver and pry the existing unit off the car; You'll see where you should insert the screwdriver blade. Unplug the light module, and replace with RDX module, then put the new light back in the car. Part number for the RDX light is 34265-SFE-003, and the list price is US$12.30.

Photo by Robert Gold


Anonymous said...

Thanks ever since I bought my Fit it bugged me that this light could not be turned off with a switch. I went down to Acura here in Chesepeake, VA and for $15.00 and a new LED bulb was good to GO.
Thankx Mate

Brian said...

Thanks. This has been bugging me as well. I believe the part is now used on the Honda Accord Crosstour, thus available from the Honda dealer. I found the part at http://hondapartsnow.com for $9.52.