June 06, 2008

Another Oil and Filter Change Already? (20496m)

Another oil change already? Guess the 85km/day commute three times a week I do now is adding up faster. Still not too bad though. Considering the car is a year and a half old and I've only done 20,000km.

Just the standard affair with the proper weight oil and Honda oil filter. But this time while the car was up, I started to notice more wear on the front tires than the rear. So I asked my mechanic to rotate my tires while it was up there. No charge! Try that at a dealer!

Also took out the air filter element and checked it. Wasn't as bad as I had expected, considering all the construction that's going on around my house. So I just borrowed the air hose at the shop and blew the filter clean of debris and loose dust. Will check it again next time to see if it needs replacement.

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