July 31, 2008

Fit with Sunroof

This car was parked in front of my building. A Canadian Fit with a sunroof!

I had heard of a local dealer offering this as a dealer installed option. So this could be one of them. Also, Fitfreak.net has a thread where someone installed an aftermarket sunroof in their Fit here.

The one installed on that particular Fit is from Webasto Hollandia. They also make a number of different types of sunroof, including twin vent single sunroof, and a large panoramic moonroof that expands almost the entire length of the Fit's roof. Now that I think would be pretty cool to have.

I remember back in my Audi days when I had my entire interior reupholstered, the shop I went to also did sunroof installations. It might be worth looking into for some people.

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tnkgrl said...

I had a Webasto Hollandia 700 installed in my '07 Fit Sport manual and also just recently in my '09 Fit Sport manual/navi... I'm in San Francisco. Enjoy!