December 06, 2011

Thank You, and Goodbye, My Little Honda Fit.

Well, today was the day. Title transfer is complete and the little Fit drove off with its new owner.

The Fit had been under storage policy since July, and it was rarely driven for a while even before that. I finally came to the decision to sell the Fit a couple of months ago. Even then, I was a bit hesitant since I really did like this car. So I posted a note on my Facebook page so that only my friends can see it, and get first dibs at a reduced price, before I actually put it for sell on a public site.

Turned out one of my very good friend, who I've known since high school, was in fact interested, but needed a bit of time to deal with her other vehicle first. Since it was a friend, I held the car for her. and today, we completed the transaction, and she took posession of the car.

It's been a great vehicle. In fact, the only car I've owned that I never had a single thing go wrong during then entire ownership experience (I know it's only been 5 years, but I've never actually owned any vehicle for more than this). And just last Thursday, my Sienna minivan started leaking power steering fluid. By today, it was making a pretty horrid sound after making left turns. I'm guessing I'm looking at a steering rack replacement, on a 2005, with actually less KMs than my Honda Fit. I think I'm going to regret selling the Fit.

But hey, at least it's going to a good friend, and I'm gonna be able to see it all the time. Maybe she'll even let me drive it once in a while.

Thank you, my little Fit. and Goodbye.

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