July 15, 2011

Dead Battery, and Putting the Fit Away... For now.

Well, I haven't really driven my Fit since I swapped wheels/tires. In fact, when I did try to start the car, the battery was comepletely shot. In fact I tried to revive it with a digital battery charger, but it's apparently completely dead.

A quick search on fitfreak.net will show that the stock Honda battery does not last long, and a lot of them suffer an early death. Many even before warranty is over. The unfortunate thing is, the small sized battery in our car is quite rare, and seems no one currently makes an aftermarket 151R Group sized batteries. So you're stuck to either purchase the battery from Honda, and possibly suffer an early death again, or as some owners have done, trimmed their battery tray, and installed a larger group 51R sized battery into their Fit. Depending on the brand, some are a tight fit, barely clearing the air box, while others are pushing against it. But at least it's an option. An option that's cheaper, more readily available, and with higher specs and capacity than the stock battery.

Anyways, since I wasn't driving my Fit these days, and my Sienna's insurance was up, I decided to transfer my insurance on the Fit to the Sienna. I then put storage insurance on the Fit and parked it in my garage. It was a bit sad, but currently I have no intentions of selling it. It's still a good little go-around. I'm sure I'll plate it again in the future.

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