January 31, 2008

Second Recall Notice: Floor Wire Harness Corrosion (14480km)

I had received this 2nd recall notice for the Fit probably over 2 weeks ago. But I was very busy at the time and this recall didn't seem like a really big deal. But I did eventually call the dealer to make an appointment to bring the car in today.

Although I only have the carpeted floor mats, no corrosion was found, and all they had to do was the two splices. No harness replacement needed. It took a couple of hours, but I picked up my brother-in-law's 2004 TL Premium with Nav the day before so I could still drive around and work that day, so I didn't pick up my car until 1/2 hour before service closed.

As a side note, the TL is huge!! But it's a nice cruiser. Not very sporty feeling even though it has 270hp, but it sure gets you to illegal speeds quickly and quietly. Voice command navigation/radio/ac is a fun little toy. Since he was nice enough to let me borrow the car, I replaced his cracked/separating wiper inserts for him, so he should be able to see in the rain/snow again. =)

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