November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Fitty!

Fitty? It just seemed more personal than just calling it the Fit. Especially for such an occasion. I don't really name my cars... actually, that's not entirely true. I called my Mustang "Bob", and my Mazda "K.I.T.T." due to all the gadgets and the digital dash, but do not use the names on a regular basis.

Anyways, where were we? Oh yes. I had to renew my car insurance yesterday, so that means I've now officially had the Fit for a year. During this time, I have been very happy with it. It's a great in-town hopper, can swallow a lot of cargo, and has been worry-free (just gas-and-go). Sometimes I miss having a more powerful engine (which is any other car I had to pick from at the time), but as you can see from the last post, it's already enough power to get me into trouble.

I also had a look at the odometer, and it's reading just over 10,500km. So time to stop by Honda and pick up a new oil filter and do an oil change again. It's treated me nice. So it's only fair I keep up my end of the deal.

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