August 21, 2010

Oil Change #12 (61651km) + Brake Job

A tad late on the oil change again. Plus with the moving and heavy use, the oil was a bit dirtier this time. Well, late for my standards, not the factory recommended, which is a lot later.

Standard affair again with the 5W20 oil and Honda oil filter. But I noticed a slow leak at the driver side front tire and found a nail in it a couple of days ago. So I just kept the nail in 'til today and plugged it while the car was up on the hoist.

I also asked my mechanic to check on the brakes since I can feel some grinding under heavy braking. Upon a quick visual inspection without removing the wheels, they looked ok. However, once the wheels were removed, he quickly realized that while the outside pads still had plenty of material, the inside pads were completely gone!! He said he's had another Fit that did the same, and also a Infiniti G35 coupe that also wore out the inside pads much faster than the outside. So keep an eye out on your inside pads.

Anyways, he put in new Nissin pads, the same stuff the factory uses. We noticed that the rotors were a bit grooved and also slightly wrapped, so he also machined the front rotors at the same time.

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