April 17, 2010

Oil Change #11 (56500km)

Time for another oil change again. A bit earlier on the interval this time since I was late last time. I'll slowly move my interval back to a nice round number. Easier for me to remember that way.

Standard affair, new oil, new oil filter. But this time I also put the SiR wheels back on with the new (to me) tires I mounted just before I put them away and put on the 14" steelies for the winter. I also replaced all 3 wiper inserts for the car since the two fronts were streaking and skipping, and the rear one was splitting.

And in case you need wiper inserts for your GD fit, the part numbers are:

76632-S2K-004 (rear)

Also, just realized I forgot to reset the oil change reminder in the dash. Hope I remember when I get back in the car next time. Although It really doesn't matter since I go my mileage anyways.

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