February 08, 2010

2010 Superbowl Car Related Ads

Here's a collection of all of the car related Superbowl ads of 2010. You can see the rest of the ads here. Enjoy:

Hyundai - 2010 Sonata

Bridgestone - Killer Whale

Cars.com - Perfect Car, Perfect Price

Hyundai - Brett Favre Retires?

Dodge - Promise to My Wife

Honda - Everyone Knows Somebody Who Owns a Honda

Mercedes Benz - Shattered Glass

CarMax - Dramatic Squirrel

Volkswagen - Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder

Bridgestone - Wife or Life?

Kia - Puppet Day Dream

Lexus - Natural Cars

Honda - Squirrels Love It

Audi - Green Police

Hyundai - Factory Crowd Surf

And a couple of Danica Patrick GoDaddy.com commercials. They're sort of car related I suppose...

GoDaddy.com - Danica Patrick at Spa

GoDaddy.com - News

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