November 03, 2009

3 Years Old. Out of Basic Warranty

I've just realized, as of Halloween, I've officially owned this little Fit for 3 years now. Aside from that strange Check Fuel Cap warning the one time (which didn't result in any down time), this car has been completely trouble free.

This also means I am now out of Honda's 3 year basic warranty. Which totally didn't hit me until now. That's too bad 'cause I would have probably checked over the car for issues and had the dealer fix a couple of little things.

One of those things would be the plastic cover under the parking brake handle. It has snapped and broke off from flexing as the handle moves up and down. Looking at the forums, it seems to be a fairly common issue with this car, especially in colder climates. Mine has been broken for at least a year and a half. But I guess it just never really bothered me, so I didn't remember. I would also have checked the condition of the stock battery as some on the forum had issues with them dying early. But so far, mine has no problems. Let's hope it stays that way.

Happy birthday little Fit.

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