May 12, 2008

DC2 Type-R Weighted Shift Knob

So my part-time boss, full-time friend lent me his JDM DC2 Type-R weighted shift knob for the weekend. I had tried an imitation one (i.e. fake) that did not weight as much for a day, and did not feel much difference. But even with my casual, light, commuter shifts, I could feel a difference as soon as I screwed on the heavier OEM weighted shift knob in my Honda Fit.

I have to be honest, it wasn't night and day, but it was noticeable enough. The shifter just clicked into the next notch with my guidance. I tried a few harder shifts and it felt much better than stock. The weighted knob made it feel much more solid.

I like it. And now that A&J has come out with their own very reasonably priced short shift lever for the Honda Fit under their T1R line, I think I might have to look into getting the short shift lever with a nicely weighted shift knob. Maybe not a DC2 Type-R one though, it does get hot under the sun.

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Connor said...

How much does the DC2 knob weigh? I think remember seeing it's like half a pound [220g?] or something. I got a Blox weighted shift knob for US$50 and it looks nearly identical to the DC2 R knob but weighs a hefty 450g.

That thing was like night and day for me. I think the stock knob weighs a mere 5 ounces [145g].