February 29, 2008

Budget Red "H" Steering Wheel Emblem

I was digging through the storage box and found some left over red vinyl from a previous project (used for paint masking). So I decided to use it to make a red background for the Honda "H" emblem on the steering wheel.

First, I used regular white masking tape to tape over the emblem. I then used a small knife to cut along the edges of the emblem to make the pattern. Next, I transferred the cut patterns onto a piece of the red vinyl, and proceeded to cut out the pattern on the vinyl. Finally, I taped the cut red vinyl pieces to the steering wheel. Tada! Red background "H" emblem on the steering wheel!

This is super easy to do, and the amount of vinyl needed is so little, you can probably just go to a local sign shop and ask for some scraps of whatever colour you want to use. And the added bonus, since vinyl stickers add 1hp each, I've just gained 4hp!! For Free!


Anonymous said...

or just pick up the emblem overlay from GrafiXpressions.com!


Anonymous said...

nice advert... but I think his point is that you can get it for nothing

Anonymous said...

Great idea!! Love something for nothing, and this cost me nothing:)!! Stopped by a wonderful sign shop and explained what I read in your blog and they gave me a piece of red vinyl. Then I bought 4- V tech SOHC for 20 dollars. Put them on the rear doors like the '08 civics. Love this little car change graphics, grill, wing and have a new looking car. Play with getting better MPG with tire pressure and other bits, am up to 35 in town beating it like a rented mule and 42+ on the hiway.80mph not a problem for a cruising speed, were the speed limit allows;)
Thankx Mate looking for some more entries from you soon.