September 14, 2007

JDM Passenger Sun Visor Installed

Before picking my wife up at work today, I stopped in my mechanic's garage to say hi. He was not too busy at the time, so we walked around the complex to A&J Racing and I picked up a JDM passenger sun visor, while he inquired about the LED daylights for his own vehicle.

The difference between the stock North American one and the JDM visor is that the JDM one has a flip up mirror on the underside of the visor, as well as two pockets in the front for business cards and/or parking passes, etc. The mirror is a big plus as the wife can now fix her makeup easily. The lack of this mirror was a big pet peeve I had about the Fit from the beginning.

Installation of this item is a cinch. There are two exposed torx screws holding the sun visor in place. Remove these two screws and reinstall the new visor in its place. Easy as that. My wife used it as soon as I picked her up from work that day as we were heading straight to a friend's birthday dinner downtown, so it's definitely worth it.


Anonymous said...

I recently bought a Fit, and stumbled on your blog. Living in Richmond myself, I was wondering if you could let me know where your parts shop is that you bought this visor at.

Could you email me at Thanks

Doug Just Doug said...

Hi. I bought a new '08 Fit Sport (US version) in Vivid Blue a couple of weeks ago. I recently discovered your blog. I already have the JDM coin pocket and I'll be ordering the JDM sun visor ASAP as it's driving my wife crazy to not have a mirror!

Ashanty said...

I've had my 2007 Fit Sport since August of '07. From day one I have been head over heels for this car! My one and only complaint is the surprising absence of a mirror in the passenger side visor!!!!!! Where did you buy yours?