June 30, 2007

Taillamp Post Updated

I've fixed the broken picture links on my previous post Fit Taillamp Options. I've collaged the pictures and put them on my own webspace so that they are clean, easy to understand, and hopefully won't disappear again. Also added are a few more taillamp variations which I have later found.

Also added here are some other taillamps that have been customized by their owners, and are not readily available for sale:

Tinted OEM Taillamps:

These OEM bulb-style taillamps have been tinted by their owners. The left one has just the center clear portion tinted, and the right has the entire lamp tinted. I was actually considering doing the left version as well, as it would look similar to my sister's Euro-spec GTI taillamps on her MkIV Golf.

Mercedes Style Taillamps:

These taillamps were done by the Japanese tuner "Noblesse" for one of their project cars. They put a red strip across the center of the clear section on an OEM bulb-type taillamp to emulate the Mercedes-Benz taillamps. The goal I assume is to complement the VIP look of the car by making it appear more like a MB.

Custom JDM LED Ring Taillamp:

This again was customized by Noblesse of Japan for their project car. They bypassed three LEDs in the cluster and made the taillamp light up as a ring. Interesting concept. Would be cool if they could have wired it so that the ring acts as the taillamp and the centers lit up bright along with all others for brake lamps; Kind of Skyline-ish.

Honda Extreme Concept:

This car was done by Honda for the 2006 SEMA show. At first glance it just looks like the clear version of the JDM LED taillamps. However, look closer and you'll see that it is actually unique. The reflector sections were left alone while the rest of the inner housing has been darkened, similar to the OEM smoked clear or OEM bulb type LED smoked clear taillamps.

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