April 16, 2007

ATTN Autoplan Brokers!! 2010 Winter Games Plate Wanted!!

The 2010 Winter Games plates went on sale today. I think they look really nice, and wouldn't mind having one on my Fit. So to all ICBC Autoplan brokers reading this, I am interested in a 2010 Winter Games plate with the numeral combination "561". Preference will be given to plates with interesting/funny/good luck/meaningful/etc. alpha combination, as well as proximity to Richmond, BC.

If you have a 2010 Plate with "561", please contact me with the whole plate combination, and keep them coming. I will remove this post when I have finally decided on a plate, and contact the autoplan broker who has my desired plate.

Please note, I am NOT willing to pay anything on top of the standard ICBC license plate fees. So if you're trying to make extra money, please do not contact me.

Please pass this on to all your Autoplan broker friends for me. It will increase my chances. Thanks

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