January 05, 2007

Got my Helm Service Manual

Today I went to UPS to pick up my Helm Service Manual my sister had ordered for me for Christmas. *thanks* It's just fantastic. It's the official service manual used by Honda to service all North American spec 2007 Honda Fit. I couldn't wait to get it open once I got home, and right away flipped to the lighting diagrams. I can't help it. I'm the resident lighting freak amounst my friends and a couple of previous car forums. I basically changed and/or rewired every single light on my previous project Audi, and helped a friend design the circuits for a custom bi-xenon projector lamp headlight for his Prelude complete with hidden LED turn signals and optic rods for parking lights.

So as I was looking through some of the diagrams, I remembered some of the lighting threads on FitFreak.net I had been looking at. So I went back to the threads and added some of my new insights from the manual, hoping to be of help to my fellow Fit enthusiasts. This manual is proving to be a big help already, as I already have ideas in mind for more lighting mods for my Fit. Stay tuned...

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