January 25, 2007

Back from the Bodyshop, but... (also, Alarm Installed)

Well, the bodyshop called yesterday letting me know the car is ready for pickup. Very fast turnaround. However, I didn't get the message until just before they closed when the owner called again. So I told him thanks and I'll pick it up first thing in the morning.

Anyways, it was a nice, sunny morning, and when I drove up to the lot, my car was parked there. It looked good. Colour-match was fantastic, and the crease in the rear bumper was absolutely smooth! They also painted my passenger side mirror to fix the scratch at no extra charge, and did a great job there too. But wait a minute, what's that on the passenger side door?

There's a ding right at the crease of the front passenger side door, looks like it was caused by a door being opened into it. In fact, this damage is worse than the slight rear bumper damage I took my car in to get repaired for. That really bites. I'm just can't have things perfect with this car for some reason. Within the first two weeks I had a puncture in my brand new tire, then the Christmas-Eve rear ender, now the ding in the door. It is very frustrating.

The body shop owner said he's try to get the pull-a-dent guys to try and fix it, but we both kind of doubt it would work since it's right in the crease of the bodyline. Plus the ding is bad enough the door would have to be repainted. So I'm going to wait on the bodyshop to see if they will take care of it. I know it's not exactly his fault, but it certainly wasn't mine, since the wasn't even in my possession. The fact that he offered to help was nice. We'll see what happens with this.

I also took advantage of the bodyshop's proximity to a car audio shop my friend works at and got an alarm installed at the same time. I had worked it out with both shops so that once the rear bumper was off, the car was taken to the car audio shop for the alarm installed, then once that's done and the rear bumper was fixed and painted, it went back to the bodyshop and got the rear bumper put back on. Less downtime for me this way. I like aftermarket alarm system for the fact that thieves don't automatically know where the go to disable it like a factory alarm. Plus now my LX has keyless entry!


Paul Lib said...

Yoy can have that repaired for under one hundred bucks. Google "paintless dent repair" you will should businesses in your area who may even come out to you and repait the dent in a few minutes and, usually under $100.00. Good luck!

J5IVE said...

Thanks Paul. The bodyshop in fact suggested this route. However, because the dent is right at the crease line of the body, the paintless dent repair guy said it couldn't be done.