November 01, 2006

The Fit is Go

Excuse the advertising copyline. I just had to use it once. Never again I promise. =P

I got a call in the morning saying that my Fit had arrived at the dealership. Normally I'd be very excited, but I have been very sick for the past three days, so it was difficult even for me to talk in order to arrange the pickup time with the dealership. Plus as I mentioned in my previous post about selecting the Fit, my old car had broken down. So although I waited a lot shorter than many others for their Fit to arrive (placed my order on the 19th of October), it was more of a "oh finally" feeling about the car's arrival. Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate what my salespeople did for me to expedite delivery. It's just that with my mom here visiting and having to borrow cars from friends and family, it never too soon to have my own car again.

Fit Delivery
So I made the appointment for 3:30pm, and went in to the dealership. I briefly discussed the possibility of trading my non running old Mazda in, but they were only able to offer me $100 for the 20 year old car. So I decided I will get it running and sell it myself. The PDI had been done on my Fit and had 14kms on it along with a full tank of gas. My salesperson very nicely threw in the carpeted floor mats for me, and I can't remember for sure right now, but I remember seeing rear splash guards on my car when I looked it over. I thought this was an accessory item, and is listed on my accessories price list. Maybe I lucked out, but I'd rather have lucked out on a rear cargo cover or something, as this is something that will have to come off when I put a side skirt on the car. And after seeing pictures of me in this car, I think I will need to do something to make it look less, well, cute.

Anyways, as I said, I'm seriously sick right now. I'll double check later to see if I do actually have rear splash guards on my Fit, and if it is standard or an accessory. If I wasn't so sick, I'd probably be down with the car right now taking off the rear "Fit" badge (or maybe putting a dot between the "F" and the "i" of the badge so it reads "" *heh*). That's what I did the second day when I had my Audi, only because the first night I was busy installing the clear corners and smoked side marker lamps I had gotten before I even got my car. Hmm... this is bad. Maybe I should have bought the Kia. Then I wouldn't be so tempted to modify it. What was I thinking buying a Honda! Oh well, too late. =P

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