November 06, 2006

Canadian vs US Spec Fit

Canadian and American FlagCanadian and US spec Honda Fit are the most similar of all Fit and Jazz cars in the world, such as having extended bumpers (which also means different headlights, fenders, rebar, and bumpers) to meet strict crash requirements, and a traditional automatic transmission as opposed to the CVT offered elsewhere in the world. We only get the 1.5 vtec engine, and we also get ABS and Side curtain airbags standard. However, we do not get 4-wheel disc brakes like all European models, nor do we have the option of 4WD like in Japan. Some Japan and european models also get moonroof, HID headlamps and GPS navigation.

However, there are still some differences between the US and Canadian editions of the Honda Fit. There are the mandatory items such as Daytime Running Lights (DRL) in the Canadian spec models that are absent from their US counterparts, as well as the different markings and warning lamp icons in the dash. But there are also some other less obvious differences.

US spec Fit comes in two trims, Base, and Sport. In addition the the 15" alloy wheels (instead of the 14" steelies with hub caps), the Sport trim adds underbody spoilers, fog lamps, leather wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, the MP3 capable stereo with aux input.

Canadians spec Fit comes in three trim levels. DX, LX, and Sport. You can basically think of the LX like a US spec base model, with the addition of the Aux input on the stero, which is actually standard on all three trim levels in Canada. The Sport trim is the same as the Sport trim in the US. The Canadian DX trim, is truly an entry level vehicle, gets only 2 speakers instead of 4 on the base 160-watt audio system, has no air conditioning, and no power door locks or power mirrors. If you're looking to build a track car out of the Fit, then the Canadian spec DX is probably your best bet.

There are also a few exterior colour differences as well. Instead of Lunar Mist Metallic, Canadians get an Alabaster Silver Metallic (the colour I have), which is more of a pure silver, with no bluish hue, and Taffeta White is unavalible in Canada. Also, in Canada, the DX is only limited to Milano Red, Vivid Blue Pearl, and Alabaster Silver Metallic. While the LX adds Nighthawk Black Pearl and Storm Silver Metallic. The Sport adds Blaze Orange Metallic. In the US, all colours except Blaze Orange Metallic is available on the base model, which substitutes Lunar Mist Metallic as an available colour on the Sport trim.

The colour difference continues to the inside. Where some exterior colours in the US base models (and an option on the Taffeta White Sport) are mated to a beige/black interior, and all Sport trim has a black interior, The Canadian models have a grey/black interior on all DX and LX trim models regardless of exterior colour, and a black interior on all Sport trims. The grey/black interior is actually fairly dark still, just has a different texture and pattern on it versus the black interior of the Sport.

Keep in mind that these specs are based on the 2007 model year.

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