November 12, 2006

And So It Begins

big wrench
Haha, well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I'm actually surprised I left the Fit unmolested for this long. Tonight, before heading over to the in-laws for dinner, I brought 4 kitchen garbage bags and a rag down with me to the car.

I've wanted to do this since I first got the car. So I opened the hatch, took out the extension from the tool bag in the spare tire well, and with my rag, I started to pry off the wheel cover. For some reason the first wheel I picked (rear passenger side) was very difficult, so I decided to try another wheel before putting more force into it, in case I was doing something wrong. Nope. It popped off easy enough. So I went around the car taking off each wheel cover, leaving the black steelies exposed. I've always hated wheel covers, and knowing Honda, these plastic wheel covers will cost almost as much to replace if lost or curbed as it would to replace the actual steel wheel. Plus the vast black space in the wheel wells now makes the car looks... less cute. That's a good thing because it's all I've been getting with this car. "Awwww.... It's sooo cute!" I feel like I should paint it pink and put a "Barbie" decal across the side or something. >__<

After I bagged each wheel cover individually to prevent scratching, I put the extension back in the tool bag and closed the hatch. I then went under the dash and opened up the fuse cover and proceeded to disable the Daytime Running Lights (DRL) on my Canadian spec Fit. I never liked the North American implementation of this function, and the Honda fit is among the worst offender by using the high beam as DRL. So like all of my previous cars that were equipped with Daytime running Lamps, the system was disabled. At least it was pretty easy to do on this car. Check my other post in the How-To section on what you need to do to disable the DRL.

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