October 28, 2006

Aria/City Conversion

Honda Fit Aria / City
Those who liked the "Domani" conversion on EK Civics because it looks less bug-eyed, might also be interested in an "Aria/City" conversion for the same reason. It gives the car a bit more of an upscale look. The crease in the side of the fender will match up perfectly with the Fit, so it should be an easy bolt-on swap as long as you've got all the parts needed (fenders, wheel well liner, rad/headlamp support, bumper, rebar, hood, lights, etc). And since you'd have to get a lot of the same parts just to fit JDM bumpers or aero kits, or even headlights on your North American spec Fit (because of our longer nose due to crash standards), This might be an option worth looking into. Keep in mind though that there are a lot fewer body kit options for the Aria/City front end. And with the less raked hood, you might even be able to fit a K24 under there.

*Please note that this post is based on underhood photos I've seen of the Aria/City, where it looks like the frame and headlamp allowance space is made to fit with the Fit front end as well. I have never attempted this conversion, or even seen an Aria/City in person. So I make no gaurantees this conversion will be a direct bolt-on, or that it will work at all.

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